The company was established with the help of God and the success of the year 1420 AH. The aim of the company was to be an active partner in the current renaissance of the Kingdom and the trust of Mona to the general direction of the current administration of the country and its insightful, rational and wise vision in the Kingdom's administration Our management policies stem from a combination of craftsmanship, hard work and determination to look at what is new in the science of management. One of the main reasons for the success of any economic work is clear vision and sound planning. These reasons have become the main drivers of our management policies.
I have entrusted to God Almighty to be the foundations through which to build this edifice based on transparency and trust between the departments of the company and our partners in success and the main goal is to expand in all areas that would be the cornerstone of the renaissance of the homelandAnd to be an active member in the general orientation of the Queen and its current and future rise and to be role model and example in management and hard work. I am pleased that this word is the bridge between me and you and that this short word is sufficient to know us and our directions
We ask you to pray with success

MR . Faisal Fahd Alsabaan