We design and supervise the implementation of the following electromechanical works:

- Electromechanical engineering applications in all types of construction projects, from central air conditioning systems, internal units, cooling, ventilation, heating systems, thermal and sound insulation, water and sewage distribution, fire fighting systems, elevators and escalators.
- Projects of stations and networks of drinking water, sewage and rainwater for drinking, industry or irrigation.
- Utilization of each new technology to modernize or implement treatment and desalination plants at the lowest possible cost.
- Testing and testing materials, devices, power generators and equipment for projects.
- Provide advice and work of technical studies for the modernization and development and rehabilitation of stations and networks of water and industrial and sewage networks and storm water to suit the surrounding environment and future population density, conduct inspections and propose appropriate solutions to address the problems technically and environmentally.
- Studies on the operation and maintenance of water and sewage plants.